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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Daily Grind

Somebody help me. I need a permanent energy booster.

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  1. Seems if you feel like that you may need..( now look at me.. a diagnoser.. well just trying to help).. diet is a big factor in crashing after eating or at the end of the day. There are herbals that help balance blood sugar.. Chromium Picolinate, Or any of the organic chromium mineral supplements that are remedies for that.. Garcinia Cambogia..ditto for blood sugar balance. Seems there's a trend with some supplement folks that grains.. cereal grains are not good for us. Some are GMO and that is not good for sure.. but others like Oats are.. in my opinion ok.. Oat bran (hot cereal with fruit or cinnamon.. oh yes cinnamon is good for blood sugar balance too just a half or quarter tspn/day OH there's two different kinds of it see health supplement place..Online .. ) is good as a breakfast cereal.. it reduces serum cholesterol over time.. months.
    And there is a minimum daily protein intake amount for adults.. for men about 60-65 grams/day women a bit under that.. which would translate into two quarter pound patties/day (two 3 oz of meat or veg protein /day for women) of organically raised beef or vegetable protein.. Soy is ok for women not men.. it messes with T levels. not in women tho.. still some people say that most soy is GMO too so /?? thanks for putting up with me.. Okie G