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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lesson Learnt

Don't know how someone can intentionally drive a sword to your back and yet tell you that you are being over-dramatic when you lash back at them? How someone can claim themselves to be sensitive and in need of kindness from others, yet treat people like trash, without respect and judge others without much thought? I have crossed path with the most narcissistic person I have ever met and it irked me to the core. Bad traits that fill to the brim. Thoughts so vile and crooked and selfish, with addition to an ego that fed upon his make-believe superiority. Putting on a mask to get favours for pure egocentric reasons. People are no longer people. People are props to be used and manipulated. People are labels to be judged and put on scales. What kind of era are we living in? Why is the human mentality accelerating backwards?

I try to be friends with everyone and to appreciate what people got, rather than what they don't. But being around a person who has traits that you would never ever want yourself to associate with is a real pain in the ass. How someone is so shallow and childish, yet turn the tables onto you, I find it funny and bizarre. How someone who can never look into himself and detect his wrongdoings and flaws, yet project it upon others? Insecurities clogged his arteries and he constantly has to put people down, so he appears to be above them. How someone has reached this state of being a sociopath, I have nothing for him but pity.

Funny thing is, ignorant people can't see the true colours when praise and compliments were thrown about without much sincerity.

This is not a case of a broken heart. This is a case where I have to indirectly be influenced by someone who have morals that are insignificant. Sure, doing good in classes is admirable. But what is the point when your soul is foul and dark, your thoughts bitter? What is the point of being the smartest person in the world when you lack conscience, empathy and understanding? My university is so wrong, one can never teach another to empathise, it all comes from the heart. All it teaches is for us, future doctors to pretend to empathise when we actually don't, which is a bad thing, to me. Academic performance can never outwit the importance of being a good person in the society.

I left to get away from negative forces. I am tired of someone putting me down, putting others down for no particular reason. I am tired of helping someone like a friend but who obviously hate me but just hang out with me for company despite the denial. I am not keeping a fake person near me. Period.

It is a trying period to have to meet such a toxic personality like that. It is nothing but to strengthen me, propel me upwards towards acquiring integrity. Everything, good or bad, will end one day.

Last but not least, lesson learnt. Stop giving me recurring problems, Life.

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