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Sunday, 23 August 2015


I constantly find myself being controlled by anxiety, by fear, by worry. By something dark and controlling, gnawing at the back of my mind. In the past, I second-guess myself daily. I was so afraid of living, of life, of being myself. There were too many expectations for me to fulfill, too many things I cannot control, causing me to lose confidence, lose faith and eventually lose myself. 

I stumbled upon this and realised it made so much sense. 
What am I afraid of? What do I have to lose? 


You have to tell yourself that "No man or woman, is going to come out alive at the end". 

We all are going to die. That's the future we all hold. 

So in the mean time, you have to tell yourself that whatever happens from now on, you are not going to be afraid anymore, even if it means someone putting a gun over your head. 

Let go. 

Let go of past mistakes. 
Let go of the achievements.
Let go of the fictitious ego in head. 
Let go of the people who drag you down.
Let go of the dreams that are too stressful for your happiness. 
Let go of rejection. 

You have nothing in your hand, to protect forever. 

No money. No life. No relationship. No family. Nothing. One day everything is going to be taken away from you. 

You can't have things forever. So why you are holding that fear?

What that fear is going to offer you that you find worth sticking onto?

Future doesn't exist. We create it, either by ourselves or by letting others take some actions that affect our life. 

Why are you afraid of something that doesn't exist?

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