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Friday, 7 August 2015

Why Am I Never Active On Facebook?

To the annoyance of my friends, I can never be reached through Facebook message. I don't know anything if it's posted on Facebook. Why? That's because Facebook, to me, is like an extremely catty and nosy overweight lady who lived down the street. And Facebook feeds me information I don't wanna know and I don't care less about. So, you know, Facebook friends, I am not going to willingly be your 'audience' when you harp about your new gadget, your new watch and trying to act like some self-entitled brat with your crap self-advertising.

  1. I feel I am putting myself out there to be judged. Every time I post something, it's frightening, I know some viscious person out there will be miscontrueing and misunderstanding my words or even my actions. People will 'think' they know me when in fact, they don't and they never will. I don't want to be treated and judged just because of a status. And it's not because I am self-conscious. I think it's annoying if I wanna add a photo on MY profile and Facebook has to tell everyone I have just added it. Well, Facebook, did I ask you to do that? Well, you're such a big mouth.
  2. I judge people more. Because it's out there, convenient and easy. And it makes me put people into labels just because of what's on Facebook. And if I don't like what they post on Facebook, it makes me not like them in person. And yup, that's unfair.
  3. It's a place for social-climbing addicts. Well, if you're a legit public figure, I get it. You have to make known the dates of your book-signing event or the screening of your new movie. Facebook allows unknowns, usually model wannabes to make a page and call themselves 'public figure'. And I hate it when a 'friend' likes them and all of a sudden I have to view it on my newsfeed too. Facebook, to make it clear, just because a friend likes it doesn't mean I do. And what is seen cannot be unseen.
  4. It's a place for self-promotion. "Checking into the Hilton" "Got caviar all over my lips" "I have a wardrobe full of MK bags, but it doesn't hurt to have another one" Okay, we get it, you're rich but must you shove it all into people's faces together with those presumptuous and self-entitled sentences that accompany your photos? You can buy designer bags all you want but what's the point of posting it on social media? Exactly, you have low self-esteem and trying too hard to make yourself feel superior.
  5. Place for lick-assers. And funny thing is, there are some people with no life who would like and comment on those self-promoting posts. fueling more and more people to self-advertise in future because they're hungry for admiration. Facebook breeds a bad community.
  6. Friends on Facebook are not real friends. 
  7. I don't get to choose the information I wanna see. Facebook feeds me everything. Statuses with bad spellings. Statuses framing people. Lick-assers' comments. Shallow and materialistic thinking like 'couple goals' and equivalent trash. Facebook, with your ability to extract personal info, can't you at least find out that I am allergic to trash? Couples holding hands, is that sighnificant enough to publish to the world? Pathetic. People would tell me, let them be. Hell-no! It annoys me. And when I am annoyed, my bp spikes and that's bad for my health and overall well-being. So yeah, it affects me negatively and the little hope I have for the society dips down.
  8. People trynna fake it till they make it. Drinking party with friends. Having high-tea looking like a high class hooker. Seductive selfie with red lips. Letter of acceptance to Cambridge. All the things people do to make people believe they are living the dream. If you are really living the dream, you wouldn't bother taking pics to post on Facebook. Because who cares about other people or Facebook. You are already living The Dream.
  9. Facebook brings people together? Yeah, so they can have more news to bitch about one another. 
  10. Bad English. I am dying as I read the post and statuses that have gone viral on Facebook. How can something so badly written get so many views and likes? Aliens, please abduct me.

And despite that, with or without Facebook, I get judged anyways. Not having Facebook means you're outdated. Not having Facebook means you are boring and probably lame. Not having Facebook means you do not have an access to the Net. Not having Facebook means you don't have a smart phone. Not having Facebook means you don't have friends. Look, how Facebook have moulded the life of young adults into thinking in two-dimension and judging their self-worth based on materialistic endeavours, cheap fame and vanity. Sad society. 

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