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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Words and words alone

When it rains, it pours.

He could never forget the pinching ache at the edge of his heart and the shocking realisation that came with it when he finally noticed that
he was standing alone all this while when he thought that he had someone who would back him up. Trust. If only he knew what exactly that word meant.

It came like a lightning bolt. Shocking yet the effects are daunting. How could someone that he once trusted to share his most private feelings and emotions with, turn against him? How could someone that he once grew up with and went through difficult times together, turn out to be the one behind his downfall?

The fury that blasted and the dull, lingering pain was hard to bear. Especially when truth, honesty and sincerity were exchanged with nothing but lies, deceit and ill-intentions.

How foolish of him to put his faith on an invisible connection that he thought existed? 
Because it seemed that naivety and a pure heart were obvious weaknesses and they fell deep into manipulations.

It still bugs him because Karma hasn't been doing his job very well and was always way off his mark. It doesn't mean that if he didn't hurt people, they wouldn't hurt him. Feelings and emotions are fragile and bitter memories could bite to the core of your brain, engraved for infinity. 

  To use and discard people like objects, to treat others like nothing but steps in which they stomped on to elevate themselves, to fake an attachment for the sole sake of getting rid of their loneliness, to spin a web of well-thought lies to fool the unknown and to pull the trigger at the person who once helped them and cared for them. How could the human heart be so spiteful and unnerving, so full with malice and vengeance?

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