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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

If you like words...

There's a thin line between believing and wanting to believe.

When I write, it's not always about me. Part of me, sometimes. Completely about me, no, unless stated. But everything that I have written might not entirely reflect how or what I am feeling at the moment. It might be how I have felt in the past, or how I think I will feel in future. 
There will never be any restrictions. 

One of the best thing about writing is trying to write about something you have no clue about, things you have never felt and values you don't believe in and try to make it believable. Writing about a foreign thought and making it sound like yours, it's not easy, it doesn't always come out the way you want it too. Sometimes, it sounds as if you're trying too hard to fake it. 

I know it's always natural for people to assume that what you have written reflects on you as a person. 
My say, not necessarily. 

I write about things that makes no sense to me when I feel like it. And my source of inspiration is always 'other people'. I don't really appreciate it when people expect me to be a certain way because my writing gave them that feeling. A single word can have thousands of interpretations. String them together, and they will bring out limitless possibilities.

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