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Monday, 25 August 2014


Art was supposed to make you feel something. But not everyone felt it. 

It isn't easy being in a room full of mirrors. They point out every little flaw, every single time.Whenever I attend dance lessons, I want so badly to have control over my movements, have precision when it comes to music and to channel my emotions into my dance routine. But sometimes, I fail to master that particular technique, my stubborn muscles refuse to co-operate and my face expression is almost as enthusiastic as a corpse. That's when I become extremely frustrated.

Dance requires dedication. You need to spend hours on the barre to perfect your arabesque. You need to have control when doing a pirouette. And when I was a kid, the word, 'dedication' did not exist in my dictionary.I wanted to stay at home, make bougainvillea crowns and dig at dirt. Everything was more interesting than being caught in a room where someone would be shouting at you to point your toes and lift your arms. It didn't help that my father was rather skeptical about it. He told me that when my bones become brittle and my muscles grow weak, there's no point of it anymore. Or maybe, he said that as a joke.

Well,of course, I didn't listen to him because in the end, I became quite connected to dance and end up spending almost half of my lifetime on it. And now, I am officially retired. Life's full of plot twists. :)

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