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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Remember to Stop to Smell The Flowers

So many thoughts in my mind the past week. :) Funny how when I reread whatever I have written I just feel plain foolish and start questioning myself, "Was I in my right mind when I wrote this?" I sure as hell need more endorphines in my system.

I know I am all about 'chasing my dreams' and all that crap but sometimes, happiness might just be the prerequisite for all of it. That's what I have been missing. Probably. 

Been talking about childhood memories with the roomie and I realised how different our growing-up experiences were. How we all started out as ingenues and then strangely morph into something else and how I couldn't remember exactly when cynicism and sarcasm started to proliferate inside me and toxify my brain.

On a side note, I believe everyone who crossed your path in life has a certain role. It's either they are here to help you out or teach you a lesson.

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