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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


The rain cloud is descending upon me once again. I am surprised by how greatly affected I am by those circumstances and to know that I haven't broken away from it, it's worrying. All those past that did nothing but tore me apart from who I once was. Was there a different me before this? I could barely recall. My body is like a lump of flesh, devoid of hope and spirit. A mere being who trudges on because she knew she should. Nobody gets it because they chose the better route. Nobody understands how it feels like to be drowning and knowing that no one's there. No one's ever going to be there. Lately, it's always about being stuck in a spider web of fear and anxiety. I thought I have moved away from the shadows but it turns out that I have just put my best foot in it.

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  1. One big caveat.. We can't just give up. Giving up is too difficult a decision to make and it has consequences that are greater than putting up with the feelings of failure and hopelessness.